My Joglo Ubud is a project of EKA WOOD Ubud

My Joglo Ubud

The place for people who are in love with Bali

Are you tired about Ubud center?

Too much traffic, too much people and too busy? We understand that many Expats are missing the time when Ubud still was the place, which most of the people are dreaming about when they come to Ubud.

Just 20 minutes south of Ubud

There is a place south of Ubud where you will find peace and recreation in your own cosy Joglo, with your own swimmingpool, on your own piece of land with wonderful ricefield view.

Thats why we built My Joglo Ubud

We think that Bali should not only fall in the hands of big investors and rich people. People like you and me who fall in love with Bali and want to stay here should have the possibilty to lease there own land and house for an affordable price.

My Joglo Ubud

In a small peacefull village (Banjar Apuh), just 20 minutes south of Ubud, we were buying land (now yellow zone) and started to built 10 cosy Joglos with carefully recycled old wood from Java.Every Joglo has its own 150m2 garden, a refreshing swimmingpool with a wooddeck and wonderful ricefield view, a modern outdoor kitchen, a 25m2 bedroom with a covered terrace and a half covered bathroom (could also be fully covered). Electricity (350W) and water from our own spring are already there. AC in the bedroom. Glass fiber WIFI is possible.Choose from our two furniture packages: Furniture Package "All you need is here" or "Luxury meets nature".

Enjoy the peace of My Joglo Ubud

When we speak about a peacefull area with wonderfull view we mean a peacefull area with wonderfull view.

Take a tour through our Joglo example

Our ready built Joglo has a smaller garden then the others. The bathroom could also be fully covered. Furniture package: 80% of "All you need is here".

The steps to your new cosy home

- Contact us for a viewing appointment
- Visit My Joglo Ubud and choose your new home out of 10 Joglos
- Together with our architect you can do some modifications (e.g. bathroom fully covered, ...)
- Every piece of land has its own certificate
- Get your leasing contract (Hak Sewa) from a certified notary on your name
- Its 100% yours for 20, 25 or 30 years
- After we signed the contract and you have payed a deposit we will built your Joglo ready to use in around 3-4 months


# Leasing for 20 years: IDR*
# Leasing for 25 years: IDR*
# Leasing for 30 years: IDR 1.350.000.000*
* Ready to use inclusive Furniture package "All you need is here"
If you choose our Furniture package "Luxury meets nature" we will just add IDR 50.000.000

We are happy to welcome you at My Joglo Ubud

Contact us with WhatsApp. After we get your message we will send you the exact location and the details for your visiting.

WA +62 812 3784 4800 (Ketut Yudiasa)

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